About us

Hilo Sagrado seeks to rescue the cultural heritage of communities in Colombia, by empowering women entrepreneurs through capacity building and the modernization of production centers to develop sustainable textile production. Since 2013, the foundation has promoted ethical trade with a sustainable and inclusive model that seeks to achieve greater socioeconomic wellbeing.
In 2014, Hilo Sagrado was selected in the 500 London FELLOWSHIP, which brings together 500 top businesses that promote sustainable fashion around the globe Ethical Fashion Forum

We develop education and training programs and bring in trained experts to create long lasting impact. Hilo Sagrado works closely with the Wayuu people throughuot Northern Colombia to develop unique, Wayuu mochila bags, clutches and additional accessories. Products are carefully crocheted by hand, using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations. Some of the bags can take up to one month to complete, resulting is some of the highest quality Wayuu products. "They are not just a bag, but a reflection of deeply rooted traditions and values."

For more information about our community and our projects please visit FUNDACION HILO SAGRADO

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